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Today there was no pretty dress, no family pictures, no family gathering for an egg hunt. This year things are different. This year we are fighting an invisible enemy as they say. Today we must social distance. Today we can not unite as we normally do. Today there are severe storms moving through. It seems like a dreary day with no hope.

We will get back to life, hopefully, sooner than later. We will read about this in the history books. We will not forget the lives that were lost. We will not forget the time the world stood still. Streets are empty, stores are empty, restaurants are empty and guess what? The tomb is also empty and forever will be empty. Jesus is alive and gives us hope. Hope to know that life will be ok, life will be normal again. Will normal be the same as before? Only time will tell. Today, however, we can still worship a risen Savior.

This is not the Easter I wanted, it’s not the Easter I hoped for. I shed a few tears this morning. However, I was still able to worship my God, who walks with me each step of this trial. He will not leave me and he will not forsake me. HE IS ALIVE!!!

I hope each one of you stay safe and have a blessed Easter. Spend time with those share a home with and know that You Are Not Alone.

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