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All of us are human, all of us take out our struggles and frustrations on others. Particularly the ones we love most. Why is that? Maybe because we can let our guard down and feel like they should love us regardless and love us unconditionally. I know that I have struggled and felt like a failure over the years as a wife and as a mother. When we have a bad day the people in our home sometimes also have a bad day. Have you ever heard Zig Ziglar talk about kicking the cat? I’ll post the video below. It’s lengthy but expresses the truth about how we react to situations.

One thing that I have found that helps me is to start my day with an attitude of gratitude. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not perfect so some days I miss getting my gratitude in and when I do I feel it. However, I have been getting up an hour early for years. I’m not sure why I started but I get up at 4:25 every weekday morning. Yes, you heard correctly. I even get up at 4:50 on Saturdays so that I have time to clean the house before I start my day. The only day I typically sleep a little longer is Sundays, but I still get up in time for church.

Why on earth would I get up so early? Well, I like some me time. I have tons of things to do, just like any other working moms do in the mornings. I walk the dogs twice, I fix mine and my daughter’s lunch, I do a load of laundry and I like to have coffee, check social media, the weather, the news, and my bank account all before I start the craziness of the day. One thing that I also like to do is have my devotion, gratitude, and prayer time. I sit on my bedroom floor and make my prayer list, read my devotional and most importantly I write down a minimum of 5 things I’m thankful for that God has blessed me with. Yes, I write down things like my husband and kids. BUT, I really try to think about the little things God has given me that I normally wouldn’t thank him for. Like the close parking space at Walmart, or the spring flowers, or even soft mattress I sleep on. See we should be thankful for everything.

I’ve learned that I can’t control everything. The hot water heater going out, the broken down car, the unexpected Dr visit. None of those are in my control. I have to respond to each situation instead of reacting. When I react then my bad attitude comes out. When I respond then I learn that I don’t have control over it and that I just need to adjust and go on. Most importantly that I don’t take it out on my family. Yes, I’m only HUMAN. I still have to apologize to my husband and kids for my bad reaction at times. We woman have some strong emotions and we also have a little thing called hormones sprinkled in there. I do want to challenge you to start each day with an attitude of gratitude and see how it can affect your daily life. Sometimes that also means overlooking the trash not being taken out and saying thank you when they do take it out. I promise you that you can make a BIG difference in your relationship (another post soon on this).

Your weekly challenge is to have an attitude of gratitude!

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