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One of the things I wish to share with you guys is the products I’ve tried or the products I use. Some will be cost-efficient and others maybe not so much. We women sometimes spend too much money on products, can I get an Amen!

This product is one that I received as a sample, a full-size bottle. I have no idea where I got it. I think it was in the Fabfit box that subscribed to by accident. Stay tuned for a post on beauty boxes. However, I love this product but now that I’ve priced it, it’s a little more than I wish to pay but it has really helped my highly damaged hair. So more than likely I’ll buy a bottle when it runs out. My hair is very damaged from color treatment and the flat iron. It’s starting to feel better and I truly believe this product is part of that reason. I use several items on my hair and I’ll share all of the things I do I promise!

This product is not very thick and when I first used it I thought it was probably junk. However, as my hair has improved and I would definitely say this product is worth it. If your hair is not damaged then don’t spend the money but if it’s like mine with breakage, severe damage. I mean I didn’t cut bangs but I look like I have a small bang because of the breakage then maybe give it a try. If you keep spending small amounts on multiple items to help, then give this one a try. Because if we are honest, then all those small-item prices will add up to what you would spend on this. HOWEVER, don’t spend money you don’t have! More money-saving tips ahead. Let’s work on getting out of debt, not in debt.

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