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I don’t take baths, I’m a shower kind of girl. However, this has been one of those long weeks where the world has gone mad. Who knew toilet paper was so popular? However, sometimes we just need some me time! If you never fill your cup you will be running on empty.

I’m supposed to be a dance competition today with my girl, but the pandemic put a halt to that. So instead I’ve been busy around the house. I needed a little stress relief so I decided to soak in the tub for a little while. I’ used a concoction that I found online awhile back. It’s supposed to be a detox bath, but I can’t prove that it is. Of course, regardless it definitely relaxes you. Take some time and pamper yourself amongst the world’s problems. Free your mind, even if it’s just a short moment.

A small amount of baking soda

A couple of cups of Epsom Salt

Some type of bubble bath or bath soak

Then get you some relaxing scented lotion, I show two below as options

You also want to put on some chill music and set the relaxing mode by burning a stress relief candle. You will not regret it! Oh and drink plenty of water before and after.

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