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I mean how many of you have perfect baby smooth feet? My hubby does, but I don’t. I have sometimes have had painful cracks. That is cracked heels on my feet lol.

The road to healing starts with using my ped egg. Then I will scrub my feet with a sugar scrub. I only do this once a week or maybe once every two weeks. The real lifesaver has been to remember to apply this Aquaphor ointment to my feet daily. It is an ointment and it is greasy. So if you choose to use it, do so when you got a few minutes to sit. This way it can absorb into your feet before you put shoes or socks on or start trotting around the house. I typically apply it while I’m doing makeup in the morning at my vanity. That gives me a good 10 minutes or so before I get up and walk around. It will do wonders! Just remember it is GREASY because it’s an ointment.

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