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Now more than ever you may be looking for ways to save money. Right now our nation is in high alert and many companies are waving fees. Hopefully, your company is helping you out with the crisis at hand. However, have you ever thought about cutting the cord to cable and just haven’t made the jump? Well, that was me several years ago. I was scared to make the leap, but when I finally did then it was one of the best decisions I ever made!

A few years ago I was paying a little over $100 just for TV service through a satellite provider. This did not include the internet. I decided I had enough! So what did I do? I cut the cord from my satellite provider. We invested in Netflix, Hulu, and CBS All Access. The cost was a fraction of what I was paying before.
My biggest fear was my kids. I didn’t think they would survive without live TV, but guess what? They love the ability to “binge” their shows. No waiting until the new show comes out next week. We have not missed having “live” TV, or at least most of us haven’t. I think my hubby missing channel surfing but there is plenty of TV to choose from. Now if you are an avid sports fan, you might have to look for a live TV version, but those who don’t watch sports…have no fear. Here is a breakdown of some of your options:

Hulu – I only have their on-demand service, I do not have live TV. I have only heard good things about their live TV services though. If you must have a live option then Hulu might be the way to go. As far as their on-demand services, I love it. Most of the new shows like “This Is Us”, “A Million Little Things” and “The Good Dr”, all stream on Hulu. You just watch them the day after they air. Their services are super cheap, especially if you opt for the commercial option. I don’t mind a few commercials. And now that Disney+ is out I’ve bundled my services. If Disney+ has been on your radar your in luck, just bundle and save! Disney+ has so many options to watch and if you bundle and save with Hulu it’s only 12.99/month. The only downfall is the commercial option is all you get with Hulu and not the commercial-free option. I promise you the commercial option is not bad!

Netflix – What can I say they have so many options to watch and starting at 8.99/month. If you are looking for a family option then you can get up to four devices streaming at the same time for right at $16/month. You can’t go wrong with Netflix.

CBS ALL Access – If you watch any shows on CBS, then I would suggest this app for watching shows like NCIS or Blue Bloods. It’s only $6/month, I do believe they have a commercial-free option, but I would rather save a few dollars.

The CW – This app is totally free. The only downside is the shows only stay in the app for a certain amount of time. So be sure to not get too far behind. I do get 3-4 weeks behind, but 4 weeks might be pushing it! Not sure if you can watch online for free, but if you add the app to your Roku or Firestick it’s free without having a cable provider.

Amazon Prime video – to be honest, I would not subscribe just for the video content. Although over the past year they have added many original shows to their line up. I don’t watch much on here, but I do have it. I pay for Prime, but it’s only for the benefit of their shipping options. This is an option though if you already pay for Prime.

Sling TV – This has not been the best option for me for live TV. I do like their content and it’s reasonably priced if you need a live TV option. For me, there was a lot of lag. Sling is currently offering free services temporarily through the COVID-19 crisis. Check it out here.

YouTube TV – I honestly don’t know anything about it, but I keep hearing multiple people talk about how they like it. If you are looking for a live option, check out YouTube. Just looking at their homepage it looks to start at around $50 which is too rich for my blood.

AT&T Watch TV – I’m not sure what their subscriptions cost, but if you are paying for an unlimited data plan for your cell phones make sure you’re not getting free TV that you’re not using. With their unlimited data plans you should be getting at least one premium channel for free (I have HBO). I recently upgraded for just a few more dollars a month for their premium unlimited data plan and now I have several live TV channels. The only downfall is that they have to be watched on the Watch TV app from AT&T which is currently not compatible with Roku, but if you have a Fire Stick your in luck. Channels like Hallmark are available on this app. It’s a great way to get free TV if you already have their cell service.

You have many options when it comes to cutting the cord, but be sure that you compare how much your currently paying to what you subscribe to. If you get too caught up in all the services you could end up paying just as much. I would research each one and then decide. Most of these services of a free trial period for you to decide. Just make sure you run the trial while you actually have time to watch TV and explore your options!

How to watch these stations? Typically you can watch them from any smart device. Don’t have a SmartTV no problem. Invest in a Roku or a Firestick. You may also invest in an antenna for local stations.
I hope you find this info helpful!

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