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Any ladies out there have embarrassing facial hair? Oh, I’m the only one? Ok, this review is not for you!

For those of us that do struggle with facial hair then I have a product for you. It’s called Flawless, it’s available on Amazon, at Walmart or your local drug store. It works just like a men’s electric razor but I love it. I’ve had it for maybe a year and a half and I’m just now having to buy a new razor head. It is painless and removes hair quickly. I use it on my upper and lower lip in between my eyebrows (I still pluck my eyebrows, but this gets the peach fuzz). Occasionally I use it on my cheeks and forehead. Now, granted I have blonde hair that’s not noticeable, but it is to me. I use this baby once to twice a week and my hair has not came back darker nor has it come back thicker. Now, I can’t speak for those of you that have darker facial hair, but for the blondes, this is definitely a go-to.

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