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Right now is a crazy and trying time. There are so many unknowns and we don’t know what the future holds, but I know the one who holds the future.

Some days I feel selfish because I know there are people out there dying. There are people working endless hours to help the sick, to stock shelves, and to deliver goods. However, that doesn’t change the hurt and disappointment I feel every time something gets shaken in my own world. I read something that says we should talk about our feelings and it’s true. We can’t hold all this fear, this anxiety this hurt and this depression inside.

I don’t fear the virus, I fear the unknown. I’m also run a very tight ship. Everything is planned out to every detail. Over the years I’ve learned gratitude is a great way to combat my reactions to those things I can not control. However, we’ve never seen anything like what we are seeing now. We will come out of this stronger and we will come out of this different.

It’s ok to be sad that your kids are out of school and forced to into digital learning. It’s ok to be sad that you’re trying to work and teach kids. It’s ok to be sad that your daughter’s dance competitions are rescheduled. It’s ok to be sad that you can’t attend church. It’s ok to be sad that you can’t go to the movie theater. It’s ok to be sad that your anniversary trip is postponed.
It’s ok to not be ok right now. We are in this together. Talk about your feelings and be strong. Then pray for those less fortunate than us and for those losing the battle to COVID-19. For those loosing out on family time because they’re behind the front lines. It’s ok to not be ok, and it’s ok to pray for others because right now we are all NOT ok.

Today I’m thankful that even though things are spinning out of control, I have a beautiful family that I love dearly. And today, I had ice cream. Emotional eating is not ok for everyday coping, but today it was needed. Tomorrow is a new day.

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