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Looking for something to do while staying in, some movies are being released to on-demand. One of those movies is “I Still Believe”. It’s the movie version of Jeremy Camp’s testimony. You don’t know Jeremy Camp??? What??? If you don’t, then you’re missing out. I saw him live a few years ago and LOVE him! His music is awesome and he has a true heart for God.

So what’s this on-demand stuff? Yes, it’s much like releases that come to Amazon, Netflix, and so on, but because it’s supposed to be in the theater right now, it’s not free. However, $19.99 is a big steal if you are used to going to a prime time movie which can cost up to $11/per person. Even at the AMC bargain deal, three people would ring up $18, so I’m good at paying 19.99 for my whole family to watch a prime release movie.

I get that some people can’t. Some people have lost their jobs, some people are scared of what’s ahead, but I’m going to support the Christian movies that I would have otherwise paid to see at the theater and save on the money I would have spent on popcorn and drinks. I promise you this will be better for your soul than The Tiger King.

I Still Believe

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