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I don’t know about you but I was on fire to start this new decade. I had my goals and vision board set! I was ready to roll and make some progress. Then BOOM out of nowhere COVID hit. Now I find myself scratching out things and moving them all over my planner. I’ve postponed our big vacation and settled for the beach (no so bad if you ask me). However, we can quickly find ourselves in a slump. I find myself in a foul mood. Everywhere we look it gloom and doom on the news.

Guess what??? The year is not over yet. OK, so it still may not be the year we are looking for but we still have time to take a deep breath, take a pause and rest and then start again. It’s logical that some of our goals just won’t get met this year, but let’s not give up on all of them! We still have half a year left. What if we make a new vision board with new goals. Our priorities and life have shifted so wouldn’t it make sense that our goals have too? It’s time to ban together and push forward with intense effort.

I’ve slacked during this pandemic, but gratitude truly is the way to keep our attitude in check. We get so wrapped up in oh pitiful me that we forget what we are blessed with. I challenge each of you to make a list of ten things you are thankful and grateful for. Now look at your goals and what can you do this year, should you shift your goals? I heard someone say their word for 2020 is Pivot. Well, that word fits this year! Now can we all Pivot?

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