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First off, I just want to say I’m in love with this teal color. I wasn’t so sure about it but it looks good on. It is very thin, so I put two coats on (as I normally do) and then one more thin coat. I received this color free in a beauty box and it rocks!

Now to the save a pedicure part. If you haven’t used Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails, RUN and get a bottle now. I swear by it. Pedicures last awhile anyway most times, but this stuff does wonders. ESPECIALLY, if you’re headed to the beach. I don’t get many professional pedicures, but when I do I protect it with this stuff. If I’m going to the beach, I’ll use at least two coats. One as soon as I get home from the spa, and one the day before heading to the beach. Anytime I have a pedicure, I will use this at least once a week to keep my pedicure looking good. Not only does it give it a little shine, but it also protects it from chips and scratches. It’s my favorite summertime beauty tip!

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