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During this crazy time, I find myself watching more of the tube than what I normally do. I challenge you to take some time this week to unplug from technology and find time to relax and do some self-care. However, if you do find yourself looking for something to watch, then here are some of the shows that I love on a regular basis or have found during this pandemic and where to find them.

CBS all access 5.99/month with commercials

You can watch all the CBS top shows through this app.

NCIS – I mean it’s been on for years!!!  What’s not to like about this show it has comedy, love, and crime.  The team becomes your family.  This show follows the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.  So many characters and with 17 seasons you have plenty to watch.

Blue Bloods – I’ll be honest, Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck were my biggest attractions to this show, but I was engulfed in all the storylines.  You will follow the life of the NYPD in this show and don’t be surprised if a couple of characters expectantly exit.  There are 10 seasons of this show to keep you busy. 


Virgin River – A Netflix original and is full of comedy and hope and love.  I HIGHLY recommend.

Locke and Key – Another Netflix original this one follows the Locke family and the house they live in with many adventures.  This is a mysterious show and I think the kids would love it too!

Sweet Magnolias – another highly rated Netflix original.  It follows three friends whose lives are all full of drama, the pursuit of happiness.  You will be hooked!

Fuller House – ok, so it’s not the same as Full House but I still loved it.  I would say the first season shocked me a bit with some of the remarks and jokes, but they tame down some after the first season.  Nothing I would be worried about with the kids.  Everything would definitely be over their head.

Looking for a good movie and not show, then check out Greater, A Fall from Grace, Dumplin, Holiday in the Wild (Hallmark fans will love this one) or AXL

Stay away from the movie Only!  I feel like I wasted time I can’t get back!!!

Hulu – this is a great service paired with Disney+ for 12.99/month.

If you pair it up with Disney+ you can watch all things Disney!

On Hulu you can check out some movies or some newer shows, you just wait until the following day to see the new episode.

This is Us – This story follows the Pearson family and you will fall in love with them. You may not ever cry so hard in your life and you will hate your Crockpot!

A Million Little Things – This show follows a group of friends and how they cope with life after the loss of one of their own.  The first season is so suspenseful!  You will have to wait for the whole season for answers.

The Good Dr. – This show follows an autistic young Resident named Dr. Shaun Murphy in his pursuit to become a surgeon.  You will have a love/hate relationship with some of the characters on this show.

Little Fires Everywhere – This one is not for the kids!  It’s a short-lived show.  It was always meant to be a mini-series based on the book, but you will get so caught up in this story and when it ends you will be begging for another season.  Even though at this point there are no plans for another season.

Amazon Prime

Check out My Spy, great family movie. 

Also check out the movie Unplanned, regardless of your stance on Abortion, you need to see this movie.

Another good Christian movie is I Still Believe, available to rent on Prime or free on Hulu.

The CW – this app is free; the only kicker is the shows only stay on the app for so long before disappearing.  The CW has many shows geared more toward the younger crowd, but if you like action shows with superheroes then there is plenty to see.  Check out Flash, Arrow, Riverdale, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, or Supernatural.  If you are looking for the older episodes, then most of these are on Netflix.  Just be sure to go back to the CW app once the new season premieres!

Now grab your popcorn and get to watching!

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