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Looking for a new side dish? Have you tried Parmesan zucchini spears? They are so good and quick side to make. All you need is some zucchini, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and seasoning. For a great Parmesan Zucchini Recipe keep reading.

I peel my zucchini but this is not a necessary step. Cut your zucchini into spears and brush on a light coat of olive oil. Then just use some seasoning and Parmesan cheese. I put a little salt and pepper on mine, but you can add season all or any other seasoning. I also like to use Mrs. Dash sometimes in lieu of salt and pepper. If you are like me then I love spicy food so I add a little Slap Ya Mama, but it is HOT so just put a sprinkle on them. Once you have seasoned them, then sprinkle your Parmesan on (the more the better) and bake. I bake them on 325 for about 20-30 minutes. It really depends on how soft or crisp you want them. My hubby likes them crispier and I like them soft so I try to get it to a good compromise. You can also broil them for about 2 minutes before removing them from the oven to brown them, but I don’t usually have to do this.

It’s a healthier option, especially if you don’t over kill on the Parmesan, which I love to do! Enjoy!!!

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